Microsoft Customer Experience Center

Building our Customer Experience Center focused on engaging with customers at scale, while creating 1:1 relationships and understanding.

Building and Operating

Building and Operating

Pioneering the vision of engagement across digital and social channels. In 2013 Matthew and leadership received Executive buy in for creation of pilot for one Microsoft product and 2 staff because we were not talking to our social users on any social channels.

The model is comprised across digital marketing services spanning from real-time monitoring and engagement, content production, paid media and reporting.

The team is responsible for social and digital channels, across different Microsoft and services, including Office, Surface, XBox, and 12 others.

It quickly grew by headcount and he also launched a 5,000 sq ft office was built in 2014 to house the new team and be the center of excellence.

Creating Experiences

Using a combination of data, understanding of audience and real-time engagement enabled an approach to create content and experiences that deeply connected with consumers. Often called ‘Hear, Create, Deliver, Learn’.

Launch of in-house design team (Social Content Studio) for real-time newsroom and content creation reduced in reduction of cost by 44% in 2013. This allowed for real-time, agile content creation and customize responses for users using variety of content practices.

Launch of in-house design team (Social Content Studio) for real-time newsroom and content creation reduced in reduction of cost by 44% in 2013.

Creation of In house paid-social group which is able to quickly boost, target and optimize paid approach across all digital channels.

Scaling and Globalizing

Scaling and Globalizing

Built and scaled locations focusing on centralized digital services including people, process and technology alignment to ensure proper growth and scale globally.

In partnership with IS ran a RFP and selected Sprinklr social CRM tool which was selected by all stakeholders globally and rolled out globally to 1,000+ users.

Working with counterparts around the world the central team is the center of excellence that then replicates to other products and teams globally.

Campaign Activations

The team working in close partnership with product marketing managers across the organization are effectively embedded in teams across the organization to provide support for launch activities such as Surface (above), XBox, Office 365 and other product launches.

This includes campaign planning, including content distribution, engagement protocols, paid media planning and real-time reporting/optimization.

Resonating Content

Resonating Content

Creating a connection and an experience, in 2014 this wasn’t part of the approach but something Matthew felt strongly was needed.

For Skype, Moment Makers was created which included stories of how people use Skype to connect and surprise and delight moments where 100+ pieces of swag from baby onesies, dog shirts and other where mailed to users based on social engagement.

When Xbox One was launched at mid-night and people where outside in the middle of winter the team work quickly to have stores open their doors to people and had pizza delivered to them.

These moments and experiences are all surrounded by real time content responses that customize the engagement with users.