My Motto: Do what you love, love who you are, be good to others and the rest will follow.

Matthew Tennant

Global Marketing Leader


I started life on a small farm in Eastern Washington state where strong work ethic was quickly instilled into me at a young age. By the time I was a teenager I quickly realized that farm work wasn’t for me and started to volunteer at the local community hospital.

Eventually I was hired as an Admitting Clerk in the Emergency room were I worked thru high school. It showed me every angle of life and death and allowed me to develop a unique emotional intelligence and empathy.

I then moved away to the big city of Seattle, attended University and started my career in Project Management, after a few years I realized it wasn’t for me and went on my own journey of eat, pray, love - exploring culture, people and making friendships along the way.

When I returned Twitter was just launched, Facebook was becoming open and Myspace was still the thing! I dubbed myself the Social Scientist and I started helping companies (as I was learning myself) launch all these new ways to use and engage on these channels. I’ve continued down this path leading the growth of global marketing teams as the space has grown across multiple fortune 100 companies both as a consultant and full-time employee some of which include Microsoft and McDonald’s.