Some selected accolades.


He’s innovative, collaborative and dedicated to forward changing the digital landscape using modern marketing techniques.
— Ragy Thomas, CEO/Founder Sprinklr

Matthew is someone who’s innovative, collaborative and dedicated to his work.
— Maggie Chan Jones, Former Microsoft & SAP CMO

Matthew constantly brought new ideas to move the CIC to the next level and worked tireless to educate stakeholders and create the programs and structure needed to make the CIC successful.
— Briana (Saunders) McDougall, Former Employee

Matthew was instrumental to the success of our Office 365 launch. His work paved the way for greater adoption across many different Microsoft brands as to how social media can impact evangelism and industry influencers.
— Penny Delgadillo Valencia

Matthew is a true visionary and has a great talent for mentally “seeing” complex systems as they are, as they should be, and how they fit together across a company.
— Calli (Arnold) Monnier

Matthew Tennant was not only my manager, but also my mentor. He inspired me from the day I started working for him at the Microsoft Customer Insight Center to achieve what I want, stay focused, and pursue my passions.
— Paige Waldron

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